Steps to Take if You Are Injured from Slipping on a Rug | Dulkerians Persian Rugs
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Steps to Take if You Are Injured from Slipping on a Rug

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Steps to Take if You Are Injured from Slipping on a Rug

Persian rugSlip and fall is one of the most common types of injuries people experience, particularly in public places. If you got injured from a slip and fall on someone else’s property, whether it is a place of residence or business, you may be entitled to receive compensation if it happened due to the negligence of property owner. This is because property owners have a legal responsibility to keep their premises clear of hazards and safe to prevent accidents like this.

Following are some steps to take if you are injured from slipping on a rug:

Seek Medical Treatment
Making sure you are okay is always the first step. If the injury is severe, call 911. Get the required treatment and follow medical advice. You may need to have tests run to check for internal injuries. Even if the injury isn’t severe, it is still recommended that you see a doctor within 48 hours. This is because you may feel fine at the moment but problems could arise later.

Find Witnesses
You may have a family member or a friend with you who can act as a witness to the slip and fall accident. Ask them to give a statement. Have them record what happened or write it down while the memory is fresh. If strangers witnessed you slipping and falling on the Persian rug, ask them if they would be witnesses for you.

Persian rugReport the Accident
Find out who is owner of the property where you fell. If it’s a business property, then learn about their procedures for reporting an accident. If for some reason, you cannot file an official accident report, then it is recommended that you ask for a copy of your records before you leave.

Persian rugTake Photos or Make a Video
Take photos or make a video of the area where you fell. Make sure to capture everything in detail e.g. rug conditions, the area of the Persian rug where you fell, whether it is wet, worn, not properly cared for, etc. By doing this, you will preserve the details of what happened in the moment.

Document Everything
Start a paper file or make a file on your computer to keep all of your documentation. This includes medical expenses, witness statements, contact information, notices you receive in the mail, the accident report, medical reports, etc. The point of this is to make a clear statement of what happened and show it to an attorney at law so he can assist you better.

Call an Attorney
If the property owner is not taking responsibility for you slipping and falling on his Persian rug, contact an attorney at law who specializes in this area. A personal injury lawyer will help you get the compensation you deserve.

It’s the responsibility of a property owner to keep their premises safe for people. When someone slips and falls on their property, it’s also their responsibility to take care of the injuries and damages. If they don’t, then it is highly recommended that you contact an attorney at law for help. You don’t have to deal with this situation alone.

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